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Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center For Male Breast Reduction

“THE CENTER OF EXCELLENCE” � When going through the process of selecting your plastic surgeon for gynecomastia surgery, another important factor to consider is where is the procedure being done? Many surgeons use a local hospital or surgical facility with multiple operating rooms.  In many cases the outcome may be fine, but there are definite advantages […] Read more

Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery With Drains

THE CONTROVERSY OF DRAINS Drains are a surgeon’s choice based on his procedure.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Each surgeon must deal with the outcome and complications of “drain or not to drain”. I drain!  The surgery that I perform for the average gynecomastia patient is an aggressive and wide exposure approach.  This […] Read more

Soy Milk Possible Cause of Gynecomastia, Enlarged Male Breasts

SOY OR NOT TO SOY, THAT IS THE QUESTION! In an earlier blog we looked at  lavender oil and the possibility of it causing moobs, due to many recent articles about soy milk as a possible culprit we have quoted a couple of articles for your consideration. But keep in mind, the best way for […] Read more

Male Breasts and Cancer

 What? Breast Cancer in Men??    When Rob Fechtner of Napa woke up one morning in 2006 to a sore spot on his chest and a strange indentation in his nipple, his first thought was that he’d pulled a muscle. Even his doctor told him it was probably nothing to worry about. But the inverted […] Read more

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