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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Gynecomastia Surgery Redo Now at 40%


pics Male patient before and after Gynecomastia Surgery

This 49-year-old man had gynecomastia surgery twice with other physicians. He sought my help wanting to undergo a third procedure as he was still unhappy with his result. He underwent glandular excision and suction-assisted lipectomy of the chest.

San Francisco, California-On August 17, 2010, I published a blog “Liposuction for Gynecomastia”. At that time,  I stated the percentage of redo surgeries that were originally done by other surgeons was at 25% to 30%.

Today, the percentage of redo male breast reduction surgeries in my practice has increased to 40%! This is due to the same reason as before. There are many surgeons that believe the desired results of a well sculpted male chest can be attained by liposuction alone. When liposuction alone is used, breast tissue remains and it can actually look more prominent than before the fat was removed.

True gynecomastia is a combination of fat and breast tissue. The fat can be removed very well by liposuction; however, the breast tissue is too dense to come through the cannula. Breast tissue needs to be removed by excision, and it needs to be done by a gynecomastia specialist who has the expertise to give a masculine contour to the chest.

If the breast tissue is removed too aggressively, the result can be a crater deformity, another cause for redo. This is an extremely frustrating situation for the man who has finally had surgery to correct his moobs. The good news is that almost all of these cases can be corrected, but just emphasizes the fact that men need to do their homework in picking a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for gynecomastia reduction surgery. Ask a lot of questions, request to see before and after pictures, ask how many male breast reduction surgeries are performed each year, you want to be sure to pick a gynecomastia specialist so that a gynecomastia redo surgery will not be necessary. A good source for Board Certified Plastic Surgeons is www.gynecomastia.org.


Crater Deformity - image

Crater Deformity


After Surgery for Crater Deformity Correction - pic

After Surgery for Crater Deformity Correction

There are Support Groups for Men With Moobs!

gynecomastia logo

San Francisco, California-Men with gynecomastia, also referred to as moobs, are relieved to know that there are support groups available to help them get current information and to help them cope. Our society makes it difficult for men to reach out for support for a very embarrassing and sometimes devastating condition. It is not considered masculine to be sharing personal issues especially over symptoms of  enlarged male breasts which gives them a feminine appearance.

Fortunately in 1999 Merle Yost, a psychologist who suffered with the condition himself, created the website Gynecomastia.org. He collaborated with gynecomastia specialist Dr. Delgado from the onset in what became the world’s best resource for information on gynecomastia. Besides offering valuable information through blogs, press releases and articles posted by member doctors, there is a vast amount of before and after pictures, and a directory of gynecomastia surgeons listed by state.

However, the most popular aspect of the site are the forums. The forums allow members who join (at no cost) to address issues, ask questions of each other and member doctors. Many share stories of how gynecomastia has affected their life and their journey to resolution, in most cases by male breast reduction surgery. They share pros and cons of their experience from beginning to end and many times their opinion of their surgeon. The support men receive from each other is invaluable. They finally have found a place they feel safe in sharing a nightmare they thought they had to face alone.

Having treated men for years with gynecomastia, Dr. Delgado referred many patients to the site for additional support, the positive feedback he got encouraged him to take over the maintenance and ownership of the site in 2010 when Merle Yost stepped down. Knowing the value the site has had through the years, Dr. Delgado wanted to maintain its integrity, and keep the membership at no cost to the forum members. There is a membership fee to the participating surgeons listed in the directory which covers the maintenance of the site and ensures only Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who have a true interest in gynecomastia  are members.

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